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    Matt Houser
    June 04, 2022

    We have had an absolute terrible and frustrating experience with Pool Knights. In fact, I recently had to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Here were some of the key points I included in the complaint: 1) Pool Knights did not abide by the "8 Point Preventative Maintenance Program" per the service contract. Specifically, they discontinued the use of (or significantly reduced) the use of the proper chemicals, which resulted in algae overgrowth, an expensive remediation process, and potential health hazards for my family. 2) Pool Knights acted deceptively by taking pictures of the pool in such a way that the shadows on the surface of the water obstructed the view of the algae overgrowth that was present below the surface of the water. When I sent new pictures that clearly showed the extent of the algae overgrowth, they simply quit responding to me. 3) Pool Knights was either non-responsive or minimally responsive when I attempted to repeatedly contact them. When they did respond, it was usually just to blame me for the problems with the pool (although none of those issues existed during the past 8 years with a different pool company). 4) Pool Knights continued to charge the full price for the weekly service, despite leaving the pool in a state of non-cleanliness and full of algae. It is also my belief that they stopped using the necessary chemicals in order to save the company money. Here is a summary of the timeline: We entered into a service contract with Pool Knights during the late February / early March 2022 timeframe. Very soon after entering into the agreement, we began to notice that the cleanliness of the pool had significantly deteriorated. We also noticed leaks with the equipment that were not resolved by Pool Knights. Each time we would contact the company, they would blame the issues on us. Within a few months of switching our service to Pool Knights, algae had begun to grow in all the corners and was quickly spreading along the walls as well. The technician finally admitted that the company had stopped using the proper chemicals due to supply chain issues (although they continued to charge my debit card the same amount every month). We prevented our children from swimming in the pool due to our concern over possible toxicity associated with the algae overgrowth. I tried repeatedly to contact the company via phone and email but never received a response. I finally sent a cancellation request on May 20th. The company finally responded and said that they had fixed the algae issues. In reality, their technician had intentionally taken pics in such an angle that the shadows on the surface of the water obstructed the view of the algae. This was very deceptive, dishonest and unethical on their part. I responded with additional pictures that clearly showed that the algae remained present all over the pool. I requested a refund for the amounts paid so that I could find a new pool company and have them perform a remediation service for the algae overgrowth. Once again, the company quit responding to me. I followed back up with them again on June 3rd. They responded that a refund would not be issued.

    Nicoletta Weide
    July 21, 2022

    If I could rate them a 0 I would! Go somewhere else!!! They told me I needed a new filter, I had them replace it in may 2022 (which they contracted out) and then our pool was still getting green and not ok within a day or 2 of cleaning. Multiple weeks of letting them know, I have another company out and they let me know the phosphorus is of the charts. Go back to look at my pool service reports and they are not even checking it!!! Then they clean and it’s still green this week…. When we ask them about it and show them they send over invoices for a new filter!!! WHAT?!? I went through them and had a new 2k one one in may and they tell me they don’t have records of that?!? I went through them who contracted it out!!!

    Bruce Johnson
    June 14, 2021

    When our old pool cleaning service went AWOL, Pool Knights stepped in with understanding; courteous; professional; excellent treatment of both me and my pool! They are on time every week, do a superb job and provide an excellent summary report of the services provided. Their maintenance and repair technician was a pleasure to work with when he replaced our old rotting water heater. It was a no brainer to stay with Pool Knights; no regrets at all!! Many THANX to Dana and her team!!!

    May 03, 2020

    Pool Knights provide truly outstanding pool service. It is wonderful to enjoy the pool without having to worry about salt/chlorine levels and having to clean the pool. With Pool Knights excellent service I spend 100% of my time enjoying the pool and no time at all maintaining it. I have never had any issues or experienced anything but crystal clear beautiful water for three years running. I highly recommend Pool Knights, without a doubt the best contractor I've had the pleasure to have service my home.

    Kimberly Lewis
    January 20, 2017

    Pool Knights didn't show up on occasion to clean as per the weekly maintenance. At times charging for "fixing"things that they did not fix, leaving us to fix it ourselves. They also left the cap off equipment after "fixing it", and at times after cleaning the pool, resulting in a flooded backyard. 50% of the time the hot tub was not cleaned at all, and when they did clean it they refused to put the water hose in and fill it back up to proper water level. There were a few occasions that we had to text the owner pictures of our pool to complain and ask why it isn't clean. Upon ending services no longer needed and having been charged for several occasions that no one showed up for, they attempted to collect more money. When refused, they began investigating us to find our employers and leave slanderous, FALSE negative reviews personally naming us in the Google review of our employers. When we contacted the BBB regarding the poor service and retaliatory FALSE actions, they went to Legal Defense and sent us a cease and desist, claiming our reviews were false and negative. They removed our negative review from their Facebook page, as I am sure they do to every negative review. Never have I ever seen such unprofessional, immature business handling than to slander former customers that you want to charge an additional $100 to. DO NOT USE THEM, they will result to intimidation tactics, slander, defamation of character, and retaliation if anything goes wrong. Just look at their other reviews, they speak for themselves. Picture attached is one of the occasions they claimed they needed more money to "fix" the green pool. We ignored the request and cleaned our filter and added chlorine...also attached is coming home to the uncleaned hot tub that was too low, as well as a screenshot of an email sent to Tim the owner about the flooding in our backyard Check out his yelp reviews for truth. Interesting google are all two months ago and one month ago. That says he probably got friends to write them

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